Virtual assistance has finally gained its deserved recognition as revolutionary to the world of small business. Partnership with a Virtual Assistant ends the painfully common entrepreneurial dilemma of the productivity paradox – getting a lot done, but not the things that matter, of spinning wheels, but without making significant progress forward. A Virtual Assistant provides the entrepreneurial small business owner with a contractual One-Person-Team to delegate the ceaselessly re-generative list of critical tasks that don’t require his or her personal attention nor the financial and management burdens of an on-site employee.

Are you a small business owner or solopreneur with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Do you have too many Balls-in-the-Air? Irons-in-the-Fire? Projects-on-the-Backburner? Thoughts-in-Hyperdrive?

Do you feel like there are not enough Hours-in-the-Day? … like your life and business are Out-of-Control?

Do you need a trusted Right Hand? Someone to whom you can confidently delegate the regenerative list of critical tasks that want/need doing and that don’t require that you be the doer?

Do you need more time [& less stress] to develop the plans and projects that will grow your business and that you really want to focus on?

Bring it to me! I have provided freelance WordPress and web development, project and business management, print design and tech support services to entrepreneurs and small business owners since 1998. You will find that I am kind, enthusiastic, detail oriented, a tenacious researcher and problem solver and that I take pleasure in putting systems in place to help my clients more effectively do the work they love and create/sustain a healthy, joyful business-life balance.

Do you want to stop treading-water and make room for your passions to flourish? Let’s talk!